Supplies of energy units

Turnkey construction and turnkey reconstruction of heat sources and heat distributions focusing on maximum efficiency, operation efficiency and ecology.

Industrial boilers for wood chips combustion and for straw bales combustion.

We are able to adapt the existing and new sources to current legislative emissions requirements. We have experience with projects focused on air protection, flue gas cleaning and additional energy recovery from flue gas.

Within the supply of boilers we cooperate with the manufacturer – company TTS boilers (TTS eko s.r.o.).

Advisory and project activities

Within the preparation of new projects we would like to share our long experience with the operation of SZTE (systems of heat energy supply) in Třebíč, production of heat in industrial biomass boilers (wood mass, straw bales) and logistics and biomass storage.

The company TTS energo has its tradition in Třebíč. We have been on the heat market since 1995. Our progressive and innovative attitude has led us to the idea of the ecological heating of our city. Already since 2001 we have begun to focus on renewable sources for heat production.
Currently we produce more than 90% of the thermal energy from biomass and we are among the cheapest producers of heat in the Czech Republic. Within the operation we buy the fuel from local foresters and farmers, by this way we keep the money in the region and create more work opportunities.

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